Why is it so hard for humanity to 'see what really is' rather than 'what appears to be'? It seems we buy more & more into hysteria being ruled by it?

In a word- why have so many become 'sheep' to the propaganda and lies of the powers that be :(


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  • I wish I could answer that because it pisses me off. I've tried pointing out to people what is and they don't f*cking listen. A long time ago, some punk told me that he'd rather masturbate than deal with what was actually happening in the world. Seriously? So what exactly are you going to do? Wait for people to show up at your door with guns just to cart you off to some far off place of no return? Will you believe it then? or do people just want to sit on their @sses and deny that people our out to use and kill us, and still call it safety?


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  • People are crazy man, thats all I can say