Okay... I really need some advice? I'm going to meet this guy but it's a setting that I'm not comfortable with?

I've been messaging this guy online for a month and recently it's been for hours and hours at a time. He's safe, no worries about that. But I think he's super nervous to meet me, at least one on one. He plays in a band that will be performing in a bar and he invited me to come to his show.
The thing is, I'm such an introvert and loud bars and music shows aren't something I'm experienced with. Everyone is going to be rockin out and comfortable at this place because it's the type of thing where you see the same people go. I'm gonna stand out because I'm not of the same attire and because I'm just gonna look like a deer in headlights. I don't want him to think I'm uncool or weird because I just stand there and act weird and quiet... What do I do? How do I act when I'm there? I'm planning to smoke a little before to loosen up.. I don't drink though. Ugh I'm so nervous :/ but I want to meet him badly. I know I will be looked at a lot there too because people always tell me I'm gorgeous. The last time I went to a bar show (I was seeing a guy in a band), men were coming up to me left and right and saying I was the most beautiful there. But... During the show I was so stiff and awkward. Like I'd try to dance or get down but I'm so self conscious. I watch other people and feel like I just stick out terribly. They're also older, like upper 20's and I'm 22. Uuughhhhh I'm so nervous ! What do I do?


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  • You're a pot head? Get stoned and sit in a coner

    • Lol that'll probably be near to what I'll do


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  • Don't go and be honest with him why


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