Am I right to feel betrayed by all of womankind?

This morning I found my girlfriend stuffing her mouth full with a burrito. I was confused and asked her the obvious question: Bruh why are you eating don't u know girls can't poop? You're gonna die!

But then she told me something that turned my world upside down: That girls DO poop.

Am I right to feel betrayed by all of womankind?
So then I slapped that bitch and dumped her right there. Am I right or wrong?


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  • You have the right to feel however you feel. However that doesn't mean all womankind betrayed you.
    P. S. of course girls poop, that's the dumbest thing I ever heard, girls don't poop. Only Kim Jong Un doesn't poop, but that's because he's a god. He can also talk to dolphins.


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  • no, you are right. how dares this woman to take a shit. the anus is reserved for anal sex only, not for shitting. thats unhygienic and unwomanly. you did the right thing. what if you were OK with it? before you know it she would start farting too.

    • Exactly bro there's gotta be a little give and take. Honestly us men folk should just band together in a male union and demand to know all the secrets cuz this is utter bs. She ruined the b hole!