How do you level up faster on here for XP so I can put links up on my questions?

I tried to add links/pics on a question I asked but I have to be a level 2. How is the quickest way to go about that so I can use them if I need to in the future.


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  • The fastest way to get there is by answering lots of questions and post comments on Takes.
    And you also get points by posting questions.

    • What are takes? I really have nothing else to post either. I just had a question about whether two things matched I accidently closed out. I couldn't post the pics or links to them. So in case I run into a similar problem next time I would like to be able to post.

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    • I can care less about helping people with life advice. I'm not trying to be a self help guru. I just wanted a question answered. I'm not trying to sort through stuff to find questions just so I can post a link next time I have to use this.

    • I see.

      Well, then you won't be able to post links. And I'm not saying you have to help others. I think you can look for questions you know how to answer.

  • you have to keep answering questions to get more points

  • Write a mytake. If it gets promoted you will get 50 Xper points and if it gets featured that's even better you will be awarded 150 points.


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  • You need to keep posting opinions, ask questions that way you will increase your points. In order to post links and message others you need to get to Xper level 2