Was this a mean thing to do?

My sister was taking forever in the bathroom
(She's still in there)

Its been almost two hours
I got tired of her being in there too long i had to poop
So i lit a fire cracker and rolled it under the crease in the bathroom door

It popped
It was louder then i expected but meh
She screamed and told on me

Was it mean or is that what she gets

(Side note
She has been sleep all day she woke up about 7 o clock
I was planning to use the fire cracker to wake her up.. You know put it in a pan and ignite it but i forgot

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  • That what she gets
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  • Other
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  • How old are you? Immature much?

  • You're an asshole, what happened to knocking?

  • Hahaha so funny xD
    But next time tell her to come out first.
    If she refuses, then she deserved it


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