Will my prince charming come back to me?

I really like him. I would say love but we are not that exclusive and nothing is official yet. He is in the military and overseas right now. We have been seeing each other for 2 months before he left. He is stationed where I live so nothing is permanent for him (He has no place to live and no car) He does not want sex from me he is just trying to make something stable in his life right now and he really likes me and if anything becomes serious between us he would love that. When we first met it was really hard for us to spend time with each other and hang out because our schedules did not match, but he would do small things to find time to spend with me because he really wants to see me and he did not care how much time we had together as long as he got to see me. When we spend time with him it is just like his whole day brightens up and he smiles (something he never does). On our first date we ended up sitting in a parking lot talking after our plans got canceled and he actually enjoyed it. He told me that he was leaving a week before he was supposed to leave he was worried that I would not want to wait for him 5 months to come back. I told him that i would wait for him as long as it takes (I do not have any other guys interested). Since he left we have not been able to communicate at all. He texted me once asking me if when he comes back we could hang out and i told him we could. He does not have service at all where he is. So I am just waiting until he comes back but I am so worried about him because I do not want him to think I am not texting him back or that I do not want to be with him anymore because I have not attempted to contact him. It is just very hard not knowing what is going on in his head and if he still wants to be with me when he comes back. All of this anxiety and uncertainess is driving me crazy I cry at night just thinking what if he does not want to be with me anymore Advice?


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  • He has ways to communicate. I have dated both US and UK military guys and they always find a way... it may take a few weeks but he should be in contact.

    He is on deployment so I doubt he is doing anything to hurt you, especially if he's not desperate for sex...

    Where is he?

  • HE HAS wayyyyyyyy tooo much to deal with right now. Take a step back.