Your family or your believe?

Let's say you believe in something that your parents & brothers against it. Let's say a religion or your love life and where to live. So anything that makes you happy but your family hate it

Who would you please?

  • My happiness
    73% (8)100% (7)83% (15)Vote
  • My family
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  • I was brought up to think independantly. To be my own person. To have what beliefs I consider appropriate for my needs. I was also brought up to understand that other peoples beliefs and ways of life and just as valid as mine, even if vastly different.


Most Helpful Girl

  • My happiness. My family absolutely hate my boyfriend and he feels the same way about them. It's hard to hear them constantly criticising each other and having so much hatred and disgust between them seeing as I love my family and I love my boyfriend so yeah, it hurts, and I know my family would rather I gave up my boyfriend and he'd rather I gave up my family. But yeah, I've chosen to stay wth my boyfriend even though my family hates it, and have contact with my family even though my boyfriend hates it.


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  • Religion is the only thing that would trump family for me.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Only you can live your life. Family and friends aren't me/you so I don't let people influence my decisions. I'll listen yes but if I don't agree then I don't agree and do/think as I please.

  • It depends on what exactly it is.
    Sometimes I actually think it through and realize parents are somewhat right... or we both were wrong.