I had a dream that I broke up with my boyfriend by text, what does this mean?

so last night I had a dream that I broke up with my boyfriend through text and I remember in the dream his response was "you want to break up with me?😢, no please tell me what I did wrong baby, give me another chance please I really love you and I won't stop loving you" I then woke up and thought deeply why I dreamt about that. I love my boyfriend very much and he loves me too. He even admitted to me that he wants to stay in my life forever and for the first time ever I feel the same way (I've never had so much trust in a guy and I've never had a boyfriend but many crushes who made me sad in the past) but anyways I'm not sure why I dreamt that, it's not like we are fighting or having problems in our relationship. He has been on vacation with his family for the past week and comes home tomorrow. But I don't know how that would tie into my dream. Can anyone think of any ideas why I dreamt that? Like I said, we love each other very deeply and we're not having any problems in our relationship right now. Thanks


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  • You don't need to be Freud for this one. There are issues with your be. MAYBE not consciously so that you think about them while awake, but they are lurking in the ego soewhere


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  • Means your insecure about your relationship with him. I wouldn't worry about it too much - dreams don't predict the future, its a representation of how you feel internally