What is the most adorablest thing you saw?

What is the most adorablest thing you saw?



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  • For the day... haha swear to God! I got home today from Starbucks/shopping and I found these two dogs causing a ruckus with these two Pitt's across the street... a jack Russell and Wessie , the Wessie disappeared and I got so scared cause he/she dashed off when I put the leash on the jack. When I started searching for him I had to look twice because I saw him in a backyard staring at me like shit didn't just go down๐Ÿ˜‚ smart ass mutt! I let the owners know they thanked me, but I thought it was so funny how the wessie was tough with the Pitt's and the jack followed wherever he/she went and then he ran back home after I out a leash on the smaller dog. #IfOnlyTheyWereHumanTeenageGirls


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