Good idea to go right up to her and tell her I like her and think she's gorgeous?

Basically, there's a girl who's going to be a grad student who I really like and I'm going to be a senior in college. We were friendly with each other last year because we were partners for a class, and helped each other with hw and projects in other classes. We never hung out though, and she said she was too busy to go out to lunch with me during an entire week, and she didn't offer to go the next week or another time. I thought this meant she wasn't interested, but I still feel some type of way about her. I think I would feel better if one way or another I could just let her know how I feel and what I think about her. I don't really care if she says no, but I think she'd find it cute and it would make both of us feel good, albeit for different reasons. I feel like I know how she feels, but I still want to get my feelings off my chest if that makes any sense. I'm planning on just going up to her when I see her next school year and saying "Hey so and so, how was your summer?"..."Oh great! I had a nice time too, did this and that, work was ok, etc."..."But so and so, there's something I want to tell you... I know you don't feel the same way about me, but I think that you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen and you seem like a really sweet girl, and I honestly had a crush on you from the moment I saw you at that info session last year." I don't even care anymore about the ultimate outcome, I just want to be able to do something like that


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  • I think she'll appreciate your honesty and be very flattered, she might feel the same about you as well, you never know. Don't be so pessimistic.

    • I can kind of tell. I think when we first met she thought I was cute because she looked at me and smiled a lot, but now she doesn't want to hang out together, rarely texts back with any kind of sincerity or interest, snapchats back, any of that kind of thing. So I know she's not into me, but I hope I'd at least flatter her if I worked up the stones to say what I plan on saying

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    • Yeah, wish her a happy birthday :-) she'll like it that you remembered.

    • I mean, it's because I looked at her Facebook before hahaha, but still

  • Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained. :)

  • Go for it!!! Take a deep breath and go get the girl 😊

    • I pretty much know she doesn't like me, but who knows, maybe saying something like that to her face would make her change her mind ;). Not banking on it at all, but I think it would make me feel more confident even if she rejected me. At least there's closure, I feel better and she got a great (I think) compliment

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    • Thanks <3

    • Wait, would it be acceptable to text her on her birthday since it's before school starts? I at least want to show her I still care before I see her again you know?

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