Does your laptop act really slow when you just open it?

My laptop is only like 6 months old and even when I just got it it took a while for programs to open up. Like I'll turn it on and the boot time isn't bad but when I try to open up a program (like Google Chrome for example) it will take like 1-2 mins for it to load the page. It's so annoying :I But after a few mins of slowness it speeds up and I can open programs quickly. My OS is Windows 10 and my laptop runs on an Intel Core i5 Gen 6 processor. Does this happen to anyone else and if so, would any of you know the reason why? I already tried googling but I don't think I'm asking the right questions or using the right words for it.

Windows 10 Home

Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30GHz 2.40GHz
Installed Memory (RAM): 4.00 GB (3.86 GB usable)
System Type: 64-bit OS, x64-based processor
Pen and Touch: Touch Support with 10 Touch Points


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  • I'm reading through these comments and it's all just unnecessary bullshit. The problem is you have too many applications starting up with the computer. Not a virus, not a problem with the OS, not a hardware failure, or whatever other bull. Want to speed it up? Right click the bar at the bottom and select task manager. From there select the startup tab and disable everything that isn't a driver, Windows related, or antivirus. If you're not sure take a screenshot and I'll let you know what to keep enabled.

    Also do yourself a favor and uninstall anything that you won't be using even if it came with the computer.

    Fun fact, Windows 10 keeps the PC on at all times even in full power off, stores some stuff in RAM to help it boot up faster.

    • Oh and in case you still have the trial antivirus installed remove and install something like avast which is free (requires email registration) and won't slow down your PC.

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    • Not yet. I got side tracked trying to fix the disk at 100% thing
      Not mine but I'm getting something similar

    • Something might be updating in the background or your antivirus might be doing a scan.

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  • So it's basically the startup programs that you need to disable.

    Some people already said this, but go to the Startup tab in the Task Manager and right-click and disable everything you don't need.

    After that, hit Windows Key + R. In the Window that opens, type "msconfig" and hit enter. Go to the "Services" tab and at the bottom, check "Hide all Microsoft services". Then uncheck everything you don't need.

    And here's a tip: Windows 10 has this feature called Fast Startup. Whenever you restart your computer, don't actually click restart. Instead shut it down and turn it on manually. It starts up faster that way.

    And yeah ignore the answers saying that you have a virus or that Windows 10 is causing it.

    • Okies I guess the best thing to do would be to start off with your instructions. Thanks a lot! I didn't expect to get so many different answers lol

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    • That's the transfer rate. I wouldn't worry about it too much

    • Ooooh okies! Thanks a lot lol I'm supposed to be an IT worker at my uni but they haven't trained me yet so I know like nothing about fixing computers


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  • These days, software has become far more advanced and uses a lot more memory (RAM) than computers used to. I asked the head of the Computer Science department at my college, "What's the best way to speed up a slow computer?" and he said your best bet is to increase the RAM. 4GB doesn't cut it like it used to. 8GB has become very standard nowadays, both in terms of practicality and affordability. More RAM is especially crucial if you're working with programs such as video editing, photoshopping, mechanical drafting, playing certain games, or any other intensive programs like those. A processor also starts to play a bigger factor when running heavy programs. Lastly, more RAM makes a difference when running multiple programs and having multiple pages open all at the same time. But for general use, 8GB of RAM and a standard processor should be enough. But you only have 4GB, so maybe try limiting the workload on your computer and see if that helps.

    I don't know much about Windows 10, but it's possible that Microsoft's latest software simply sucks. I can tell you Apple's latest OS "El Capitan" is the lowest rated OS software so far, with many issues related to slow boot ups, speed issues, connectivity issues, and freezing. So there's also the chance you might not even have a hardware issue in the first place, but rather your software isn't effective and is slowing your computer.

    If you're having issues with internet pages like Google Chrome, you might have an internet connection or speed problem. If your internet service is below 15mbps, that's considered slow. Test your internet connection here:

    Lastly, if you're saying what I think you're saying, change the settings so no programs, or at least fewer programs, open up on initial start up. Of course it's going to be a little slow at first if it's trying to boot up windows 10, your personal profile, all the desktop icons, and like 5+ applications all at the same time.

    Hope this helps!

    • And to answer your main question, No, my computer does not act slow at all when I just open it. I have a mid-2014 Macbook Pro 13". It boots up very quickly and I can immediately start opening programs and getting to work with no issue at all. I'm also using an older OS called Yosemite which is great! Just goes to show newer isn't always better. I often avoid certain software updates for certain applications simply because the program is running perfectly fine the way it is, and updates can potentially mess that up.

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    • @teatea111 That's on my older laptop. I don't know if it would boot faster on my desktop which has a fairly new processor (i7 6700). I'm kind of hesitant to have to reinstall windows again...

    • I don't remember you asking meπŸ˜‚

  • "My OS is Windows 10" There's your issue :P

    I agree with keeping it simple. @Ephemera1 is spot on. Way too much bloat, crap, loading as you start windows. Also, most anti virus' make computers run horribly these days, they have all this web-shield nonsense, where it makes pages lag by a second while it does all its verification business. Consider uninstalling your anti-virus to check whether it makes a difference.

    Also yeah, less porn ;)

  • My first guess is that you had an anti-virus program installed and some other program or update installed a second one on top of that. That'll kill performance. Or, you may need to go through and seriously clean out any toolbars/browser "helper" objects. They are typically useless, data harvesting browser killers.

    Also, are you bringing it out of Sleep or Hibernation mode, or full power off? I've seen more than a few Windows machines have performance issues when coming out of Hibernation mode. Rebooting them always fixes that.

    • This happens when I'm bringing it out of full power off but not when it comes out of hibernation or sleep mode. So I guess the slowness is only once everytime I turn it on but time is important and I dun wanna lose it waiting for stuff to completely boot up

  • I haven't used Windows in years, but my old laptop ran it before I installed Linux on it and I had a similar problem.
    The issue is most probably that you have too many applications which autostart when you launch your computer. To solve this, right click on the task bar and select "task manager". You'll get a window that shows running programs; there should be a button which says "more details". Click on it, and then select the "startup" tab on top.
    You should now see a list of programs which auto-launch on startup. To prohibit a program from doing this, right-click on it and choose "disable".
    Do this with as many programs as you can; only keep the ones you are 100% sure you need. If you're not sure what to disable, then definitely disable those which have a "high" rating in the column on the right.

    When you're done, reboot your computer, and see if things get going faster. If this does not change anything, download the following program:

    It's basically a tool that uses the databases of several antivirus programs, and detects various programs you probably don't know about, which are either harmful to your computer, or slow it down considerably. It's normally a paid program, but you can try all functions of it for free for thirty days, so you can make use of that trial. You should probably let it remove everything it detects. If the program's blue screen turns red, though, you have a virus on your computer, and that you should most definitely get rid of.

    Attempt another reboot when you've done this. If it doesn't fix the issue either, get a cache cleaning tool like CCleaner (https://www. piriform. com/ccleaner/download) and let it run.

  • There are so many issues with Win10. Have you updated from Win7 or 8? There are many things that need turning off to stop Win10 spying on you. It's also possible your hard drive has a complete backup of a previous OS in case you want to revert. This could take up a lot of room on a smallish HD.

    Win10 is supposed to boot up quickly, but it doesn't. There is so much going on, give it a good 5-10 mins to sort itself out.

    • Looking at the specs, I am almost positive it came with windows 10.

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    • Wait, you are getting pop ups?

    • @Thisperson98 Pop-ups on Chrome no but I get update reminders from my other programsz that's about it

  • If you're going to use it frequently, you should put it to hibernate/sleep it instead of shutting down.

    Common causes of slowness upon boot up (start up) are:
    -Bloatware. All crap that came with the laptop when you bought it. Chances are, everything loads during boot up.
    -Startup programs - programs you've installed that opens up upon loading Windows. (ie: Spotify, Anti-virus, Drop box, Steam, Media Controllers, etc). You can disable them via Task Manager - Startup.
    -Virus/Malware - sometimes takes tons of resources to startup since their goal is to make your pc life miserable and extract personal information.

  • 1.) Has a virus
    2.) Very heavy antivirus
    3.) Hard drive full
    4.) Hard drive failure due to bad turnoff
    5.) Bad ram

    Recommended solutions before taking to specialist repair

    1.) Seatch the disc cleanup in Windows apps and run it
    2.) Check how much your computer space is left, if over 70% is full then do some clean up
    3.) run disc defragment and defragment hard drive
    4.) run checkdisc for bad hard disc errors
    5.) Download advanced system care pro and run cleanup
    6.) check warranty
    7.) check or viruses

    • Search*

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    • Lol neither could I.

    • Never ever install these crappy sw.

  • Open task manager (Ctrl + Shift + Escape) go to startup tab and disable all the shit you don't use.

    • Don't mind people talking about your hardware or saying that win10 sucks..

      Again.. you don't need an anti-virus... just use adblock on chrome.

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    • Oh god πŸ˜‚ The answers here are ridiculous

    • @LadyTerror LOL I've heard I think you're the 3rd or 4th person to say it now
      I don't know what I should even start off with now

  • the hard drive could be defective or you have too many programs set to open up when its turned on
    i have an SSD drive so my gaming laptop is lightning fast, plus i clear browsing data a lot and it helps too. you could also have a virus

    • I already checked for viruses but none came up. And can you explain the SSD drive? I wanna get my shit running fast before I start heavy coding.

    • SSD is like a super fast hard drive.
      Note: I know there is a big difference, but it is a easy way to explain it.

    • SSD is called solid state drive it works like an sd card, but its internal, the original well known HDD aka hard disc drive uses a mechanical magnetic disk to store data and due to its mechanical properties it takes a while for data searching and writing.

  • You probably have many startup programs

    To check on that. Click start , type "msconfig" on search box , click on startup tab, there you can uncheck running programs that you think it is not necessary

  • remove all the malware.

  • That's very good configuration. It might need fresh install of OS, and some cleaning of storage.

  • Delete your cookies and temp files, do a virus scan and quit downloading a bunch of garbage

    • Woah I don't download garbage though
      Just necessities for my school stuff

    • You can alter how many programs run when you first start it up by going control alt delete and going over in one of the tabs I do believe its been awhile. Skype and some other ones take up a lot of memory or whatever else and make it slow

    • Yeah I have decluttering to do

  • It is actually very common, to speed it up, disable some of the startup programs.

    • Also if you want to really speed it up, get a SSD.

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    • I'm broke so I only use the free type LOL right now its AVG

    • With Mac you won't need anti virusπŸ˜›!!

      On the contrary, if you add antivirus, you are more prone to get a virus on a Mac...😎!
      To get a virus on a Mac, you have to put in your password.. And it's highly unlikely for anyone to do that... Unless you've no idea what you're doing 😁!!

  • Clear the cookies and temp files. Get free apps like CCLeaner and Malbytes.

    • It is probably not malware.

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    • Hm kinda. A lot of guys I've met through cs assume I need more help than I really do and if not help then they just take over the projects. I've grown pretty defensive because of my past experiences :/

    • Makes sense.

  • call geek squad

  • I have a older laptop (5 or 6 years old) that I upgraded with 16gb of RAM and an SSD hard drive (I bought it because it has a Wacom digitizer). It has a 2nd gen i7 mobile processor, but it still runs everything quite fast. I'd say your lack of RAM and your hard drive are the biggest culprits. That or you have a virus.

    • Windows 10 boots up from being off in about 8 seconds if you have an SSD, for what it's worth. SSDs make a huge difference in speed.

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  • first use an antivirus like avast, kaspersky or malware bytes, dont use norton or avg because they just implant viruses into your pc just to "prove" that they work

    when you're done with that then press the "windows key + R" which will open the run command, type defragment disk and then run the program for a complete defrag of your hdd

    if you're still having slow responding programs after that then open the run command again and type "regedit" then select the file path "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters"

    then right-click on both EnablePrefetcher and EnableSuperfetch, Select Modify on each of these to change the value from 1 (or 3) to 0, then Restart.

    Prefetch is a system program that is run at startup to preload all the temporary files, volatile memory and startup programs at startup, disabling this can improve your performance, but will switch the tasks to rundll32. exe

    Superfetch is a system program that is run at startup to preload memory taxing programs and organizing, categorizing and preloading massive amounts of information and files to make your pc appear faster when running new programs or opening files, this can be taxing for your pc when you startup but actually eases your pc memory over time

    turning both prefetch and superfetch off can prevent slow startups but can also burden the processor to handle all of the temporary and volatile memory buildup due to alternatively being handled by rundll32 (a 32bit program) which will eventually be overburdened by it

    • Oooohh shit thanks! I might try this out!

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    • @renogaza did editing the registry help?

    • yes but it still got slightly laggy after 5 - 6 hours, it also became slightly hotter and started overclocking, which i fixed with msi afterburner, i usually just turn them off when i'm in a hurry, otherwise i'll just let my pc have its 10-15 long start-up

  • It's a Mac?

    From my experience MacBook pro's are the best and the fastest out of all apple computers. If yours is a pro... Mac did had some faulty comps from 2010, mid 2011 and late 2012... Not sure exactly, but check the year of your computer to see if it's any of these... If it is I believe you qualify to get it fixed for free with them... Or even qualify for a new one if they can't fix it...

    If it's not Mac book pro... You should invest in one...
    Mine is over 10 years old and it's still faster than any new windows comp.. It still takes only seconds to power up.. Perhaps you just got a faulty one... I don't know...

    • Your 10 year old Mac is faster than my windows computer? Lmao

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    • Also you do understand that Mac uses basically the same hardware as a windows computer does right?

    • @Thisperson98 I'm more of a Windows person myself too
      I'll never go Apple lmao

  • Yep have had bad experience with lenovos although im almost certain it has a virus so thats part of it

  • Don't worry its normal when it's just turned on

  • No, mine is pretty even speed throughout

  • Nope.