Do you know what Asperger Syndrome is?

So I recently found out my boyfriend has this Syndrome but its not as bad.. but he is socially awkward and doesn't have the best social skills but I have so much feeling for him.
He doesn't like when people really vent to him and if they do he doesn't say much but okay including to me. I wish I could get more out of him besides simple things because he's a man of only a few words but I love him. I need some tips and a little help myself to see if I can help him.. I hate feeling useless like I am doing nothing to help him. He has started slowly showing affection in these past two months which I believe is improvement for him. He has had some girls like him and had one girlfriend long ago that lasted seven months but she did horrible things to him and left him because he didn't give her what she wanted.
I want to help him open up but sometimes it seems very difficult because he only says and asks for few things and I need someone to help me with this and give me some advice please. I really want to make it work with him because he means a lot to me.


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  • Asperger Syndrome is a disorder resulting in the inhibition of brain function in areas attributed to the learning of empathy and other skills. They tend to have a higher IQ than average. Understanding his condition would help your relationship with him.


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  • Yes.

  • Yeah i do but not an expert on it


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  • This has already been asked.
    Pretty much word for word.

    My answer hasn't changed.