Best place to get a tattoo, on left shoulder blade, or left side above last rib?

I'm planning to get my first tattoo in honor of my dad. He's got a serious heart disease and his outlook is very grim and he refuses to listen to the doctors. He suffered from severe PTSD after the Vietnam war and has suffered from depression ever since. My family honestly believes he's actually giving up now.

When we were little he used to always tell my sister and I "we have miles to go before we sleep" if we asked "are we there yet" on a road trip. His favorite poet was Robert Frost, and he was constantly quoting his poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening." When I was little I always thought it was his way of getting us to hush up, but now I know the true meaning of the full poem. I am planning to get "But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep..." I've never gotten a tattoo before, but I've heard it hurts equally as much to get it on your shoulder blade area and on your side near your ribs. I have a pretty high pain tolerance so that's not my issue, I just want to know which place is a better place to get it.


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  • I like your sentiment, but I do not like tattoos. Anywhere, and for any reason.

    Why not something public, like a plaque on a park bench, or similar. Everyone will know how much you care.


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  • I'd do shoulder that way you and others see if more. But if it means very much to you and you don't want others to see it do below rib but below rib hurts much more


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  • You can honor your father in many ways without getting a tattoo.


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  • For least pain shoulder.