If you had a crush on someone who is beautiful and seems nice and kind but then they are mean and cruel to someone, would you think different of them?

I mean someone you think is attractive because they are physically attractive to you and because they seem nice and sweet. What if they are really mean to someone for no real reason. Like if it's a girl and some guy tries to ask her out and she says "get away loser I don't want to date you, no girl would ever want to date you dweeb." really hurting the other person. What if they felt bad afterwords? What if they didn't care about hurting someone?
How would seeing that and hearing that make you feel?

  • I would lose all respect and attraction for them.
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  • I would be fine with it as long as they are not mean to me.
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  • I would not like it but I would understand that no one is nice all the time.
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  • I like turtles.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i wouldn't like it tbh.
    but none is mean to anyone without any reason.
    many people consider me sweet but there are people who consider me mean because i don't talk to them at all.
    There is reason though , they betrayed me.
    so i don't trust them and i can't be sweet to them.
    So if my crush is mean , probably there is a good reason for that.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I would lose all the respect, Assholes make me sick


What Girls Said 1

  • There's probably a reason why they are mean to the other persons. I wouldn't mind.


What Guys Said 1

  • I would not like it but I would understand that no one is nice all the time.