What size jeans should I get?

Hiiii so I need to get a pair of jeans for school and I have to get them online. I'm thinking of hollister or Aeropostale but I don't have any clue what size I am, I never buy jeans. My waist is 28 and I went lower like where my butt is and it was like 32. I have bigger thighs, not huge or anything. Their size charts make no sense. PLEASE HELP


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  • Uh, I'm totally girl size dumb, but what *do* you wear? And shouldn't it be the same? Like, if you're a 6 in skirts, you'll be a 6 in jeans? (Bearing in mind brand name size differences, I know.)


What Girls Said 1

  • I have a 29 inch waist and in American Eagle jeans I am an 8, you will probably be closer to a 6 if you like them tight or an 8 for extra room. I highly recommend AE jeans because they last forever, look great, and normally have some sort of great specials going on around back to school time