Is this from being psychic or no? What is it?

So this has been happening for a long time. First off, im psychic. I have all the mental proof in the world, but obviously, I cannot physically prove it. Now, for starters, I have dreams that come true metaphorically, or literally. For instance, a zombie apocalypse, and seeing my brother playing basketball in the dream. Next day, I see a zombie picture, and my brother saying that he is considering playing basketball. I have noticed lately, that if I concentrate on my mind, directly, i get dizzy. I have seizures as well, so I am unsure if thats just me causing myself a seizure, but to describe it better, I concentrate where I am, at the exact moment, doing the exact thing, everything has to be exact when I concentrate on it. I get dizzy. Could is possibly be a psychic thing, and if so, what is it? Is it me about to have a vision? Im too sketched out to narrow down my thoughts too much because it happens, and I'm afraid I might have a seizure. What can I do about this?


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  • No it's not from being psychic because being psychic isn't real. If it were you'd have won the lottery.

    • The lottery is by chance, you do not get to pick the numbers, if I were, then maybe I would even consider doing it, but it is just a waste of time in my opinion.

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    • I don't know, I haven't been to a casino, or played poker. With what I know, it is not the same as you see in movies if that is what you are trying to infer. I do have glimpses into the future, and it may take days, months, even years to happen, leading me to forget the whole dream or thought even happened. I haven't really concentrated on those kinds of things because I can't really control the thoughts that I have, that just happen. I appreciate you giving your take, its interesting to see what others think on this subject, but mentally, these kind of things has been happening daily since August 28, 2007. If you don't think its from being psychic, what do you think it may be?

    • it's from the power of suggestion & the Gestalt principle of perception. Psychology states that people see what they are predispositioned to see. You "see" that you're psychic only because you are looking for things to confirm your theory. I would bet you have a lot more misses and mistakes in your predictions than accuracies. But because of human nature you only notice the successes. It's like ridiculous movie The Number 23 with Jim Carey. He only saw the number 23 because he was looking for it, not because it was everywhere.

  • maybe thats some kind of anxiety or any illness or any disorder. not sure

  • Sure you are