Girls, What was the worst time you had to pee?


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  • Okay so one time I was going to visit my SO at school ad watch his meet and his parents were driving me since they were also going to watch him swim.

    So I had to go to the bathroom when I got to their house but they were ready to go right away so I just piled in the car and we drove SEVEN hours to his school and then went out to lunch and I didn't get to go until after we ate and I'd gone back to his room.

  • In a snow-induced traffic jam. It took over an hour to get to a toilet.

    • @snowangle I once had a very similar experience being jammed up in a very serious motorway accident.
      We were there for the best part of six hours, during which time the police and traffic officers set up several different areas to enable both men and women to relieve themselves.

    • @Kaylyne Wow! That was considerate of them lol, I could've used one of them. Six hours would have been awful.

    • @snowangle It did take them about three hours scratching their heads thinking about it before anything happened.
      By which time men had been "flopping" it out everywhere, whilst women were naturally looking out for other women at their time of need, like I was.

  • lots of times