Fellow brits, how many of you have a drawer/cupboard full of carrier bags? to other nationalities, do you also hoard carrier bags?

everyone thinks that the biggest British sterotype is that we all love tea, but im here to tell you that only a few of my friends drink tea on a regular basis, but absolutely all of them have a hoard of carrier bags hidden away in an unused drawer or cupboard.

You know how dragons hoard gold coins? brits hoard carrier bags which is a good thing because since supermarkets are now legally obliged to charge for plastic bags, we all have a life time supply.

In all seriousness, I was speaking to my manager about the 5p bag charge because in some cases you dont need to charge for them and thats when she mentioned her "collection". I asked my other colleagues and they all have them too. all of my friends and family also have a "bag drawer".

Its such a British thing!


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What Girls Said 2

  • We don't have a drawer :( We have a space between the washing machine and the kitchen sink where we just shove all of the shitty carrier bags in case we need them but we also have some of those bags that are supposed to be for life (but really last for just a few heavy shopping trips before the bottom falls out) shoved down there too.

    • but the important thing is that you do have a bag hoard! Im starting to think thats what being a brit is all about :p

  • Haha so does everyone I know!


What Guys Said 1

  • My girlfriend and I have a sort of a carrier bag cupboard but we mostly use the bags for things that are unrelated to shopping. Here in Switzerland, plastic bags are still free (though the government wants to change it soon) but I've stopped using them anyway because I want to be eco-friendly. Instead, I always go shopping with my backpack. In the beginning, it felt a bit odd but now I love it. There are a lot of cool advantages to put your groceries into a backpack. I usually go grocery shopping by bicycle and having all my stuff on my back instead of balancing it on the handlebar while trying to avoid being seen by the police is a lot more relaxing ;-).