Do you know someone (including yourself) who's got a really tough, awesome "guardian angel"?

Do you know someone whose guardian angel has done some awesome work, perhaps even repeatedly?
In my case, it's my dad. I don't know how he does it but he's had a ridiculous amount of luck several times in his life. Just to give you one example: two years ago he had a motorbike accident in the Alps. He tried to overtake some bus that was driving really slowly on a narrow mountain road. However, when he reached the front of the bus, he saw that there was a narrow curve just 20 feet ahead (he hadn't seen that from behind the bus). At the same time, another car approached on the opposite lane. I don't exactly know how he did it but basically he tried to jump on the breaks without getting under the bus. The motorbike fell on the ground, slid over the road, broke through the crush barrier and fell about 300 feet down a vertical cliff. He slid along with the motorbike because his leg was stuck between motorbike and road but through the crash with the barrier, he somehow got free and didn't fall over the edge. He later admitted that it had been a stupid maneuver and that he had had "more luck than reason" as we'd say in German.
Do you know somebody like that? It doesn't have to be related to accidents, it can also be related to disease or... really anything you can think of.


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  • well I don't really understand the question but I think you're trying to say that... do I know anyone that has somebody to protect them and give them a safe bases? well my answer to that would be not really but maybe school and cliques or groups of friends so I'm not really sure in general... but that's what I can give you

    • The question is whether you know someone (including yourself) who's had a shitload of luck in his/her life. Like maybe you survived a crazy accident or your aunt had a disease that she overcame although all the odds were stacked against her... something like that.

    • anyone who got cancer in my life died and everyone who had a crazy disease that as well. . um yeah I don't know anyone maybe me I've gotten crazy stuff before and I survived

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  • I don't know much about my guardian angel to be honest with you, he's appeared in physical form throughout my life to my family members like when I've been terrible sick or something to let them know that I'm alright.

    And he's kept me safe all these years from all kinds of threats and deterred many more both seen and unseen and he has my thanks for that.


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  • I think my mother abs

    • Oops. I think my mother and her own mother*

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  • I'm my own guardian angel. I manage it very well.