Will a guy ever be indifferent to a girl he had a crush on?

I know this guy did.

I feel bad because now he is thus big shot guy and I almost feel sometimes like our paths are completely separate.

But I do wonder if he is really as indifferent to me as I think. It's been 2 years and he was young then now he is mature

3mo Guys what do you think?
3mo All opinions appreciated


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  • It really depends on how big the crush was. If it was casual and he didn't have any special feelings, he will forget you easily. Otherwise, trust me, he remembers you. In fact he might be thinking about you right now. In the end, it's really hard to know since it's all on his mind. What you can try is to just message him, and see how things go. Your paths are going separate ways anyways, right? Why not try to see if you can get somewhere right now?

  • He had a crush on her? so it's past tense right?

    Yes, in this case he can be indifferent to the girl he had crush on in the past. It's possible.

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      That's sad. He should live her forever and ever

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      Well you mean love her forever and ever?

      Yes, but you said it's a crush, so there is a difference between love and crush. Crush is a very strong feeling more stronger and intense than love but it soon fades out, crushes don't last very long, max up to a year ( in my view) but love is like a" SUN" which shines forever.

      In this case you never mentioned that he loved her, it was only a crush so no it is not possible that he can love her forever and ever.

      Yes, if he had actually loved her and was in a relationship with her, then broken up in that case he will love her forever and ever.

      Hence in case of love it's possible but not in case of crush.

      Hope you get the difference.

  • Absolutely, I've had crushes on girls in the past that never worked out. Usually we find a new girl and we start crushing on her instead

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      But will he flat out forget to the extent that he won't give a shit?

      I don't really expect him to care. It's been too long. But do wonder if he has gotten completely devoid of any memories of me

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    • 3mo

      He probably doesn't even think about you, if you want an honest answer

    • 3mo

      I thought so too

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