By the way I'm a junior in high school. Is it okay to stare back at your potential crush?

There is this guy in three of my classes and I can feel him staring at me. Like for example in my math class today, I was doing my work and the teacher was standing in the back of the classroom. The teacher was talking about putting homework in the tray. As I was turning to look at teacher, he had his head tilted with his hand on his face staring directly at me. I was staring back for about 2-3 seconds and turned towards the teacher because I got scared of staring at him. He didn't even look away. He has been doing this a lot and I don't like the feeling of being stared at. What should I do? Its been two weeks. Also, in my other class I had to present something with a group and he told me "you got this" and he was staring at me the whole time. He didn't look up at the other groups just at me. (How I know this? I was sitting in the back and he was staring at his binder.) Then in class he would turn all the way around and glance in my direction a couple times to talk to someone beside him. What should I do? :--/


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  • I think you should take advantaje of this circustance. I mean there is nothing wrong with being junior. You should try to open the door for something to happen between you and him wich I believe is what you want. First thought is that you should try to talk to him, you know having a casual conversation so you could get more valuable information about his intention. He is the man so he will try something if he's interested in you. Of course that doesn't mean he will do it in the first occasion but if you open the door maybe he will get it.


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  • Ask him what's up.