Do you even bother reading the details of the question?

Pretty sure next to no one here bothers.

I I asked a question with a short amount of details (maybe 4 lines), and out of the 18 people who answered, only 3 of them had bothered to read it.

I could tell because there was no mention of the most important detail.


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  • If it is too long I skim or just avoid the question


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  • If I am answering a question, I will read it. That being said, I won't answer every question I come across. If I stumble upon a huge block, run on paragraph, awful piece of text, I won't even give it the time of the day. I'll just move on. If I'm intrigued at the start, I may read it, but otherwise nope. If they didn't format it well, I won't care enough to put in extra effort.

    That being said, while I may answer questions and read the description, it may not register. If something is confusing to me, I may misinterpret it (as has happened before).


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  • If the title and first sentence of the description is interesting then yes. If not then not.

  • yes i read the details of a question