My friend and I want to see an r-rated movie, but we are both 16, however my friend turns 17 tomorrow. What should we do?

My friends and I want to see this r-rated movie. I think the rule is that if you are under 17, you must go with someone who is 17 or older. If my friend turns 17 tomorrow, will it matter? My friend and I both look like we could be older. I'm also pretty tall for my age. I heard that some theater employees don't care and won't bother asking for an ID. by the way, when they say ID, which one are they talking about? Anyways, what should we do?


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  • Don't go. Wait for Doctor Strange instead.

    Also, a Portal movie is in the works.


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  • If under 17, you can only go with a parent or legal guardian. A 17 year old friend doesn't count,