Why is rump bad?

sooo before anyone gets into a huge fight I am not an American citizen I only know that trump's main goal is to build a wall in mexico so illegal immigrants won't get in and that he doesn't want to take muslims in. Muslims are obviously not the problem but no one will know what will happen if you just let anyone inside your country without having any background information. I live in germany, it's a disaster here recently, we had 3 terrorist attacks in a week and it won't stop!!! I'm really scared to go out and have to avoid major cities, I am scared of going to the central station and take the train or simply shopping! I honestly want to support anyone who needs and wants to be safe but it's not safe anywhere and it doesn't make sense to take them in anymore because we're not save either! This is a disaster and many people died here, we gained nothing but trouble tbh.
If I said something incorrect please feel free to let me know and don't go on and tell me i'm a racist or something because i'm not, I'm fluently spoken in arabic and help in refugee camps out and also donate clothes and toys.

TRUMP* lmao sorry


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  • Rump describes Trump. Also, that is the problem here. People just take what he says at face value and dont even do any research of their own. He uses scare tactics and idiots who dont do research believe him. To put it in perspective due to your geological location, Trump is the new Hitler.

  • RUMP lol