Where can I meet girls like this?

Alright so I attended an anime/manga expo today in Sydney and there were a lot of really cute girls there. I didn't realise it until I was thinking about it on the way home that I'd really love to have a girl that shares these interests with me. The more I thought about it the lonlier I got because I was thinking about how fun it would be to attend these events with one special person so my question to you guys is;

What can I do or where can I go to meet people like this?
I don't want to wait till next years event to meet people like this again and I don't want a long distance relationship. Tried, and failed :(

Its hard to really convey the way I feel about this because im not too sure about how I feel right now myself.

Are there any places I would have a better chance of finding single girls that share these hobbies considering its a hobby that can be satisfied online with streaming and downloading?

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3mo It sounds like my worry is with the loneliness. Thats not what I meant. My worry is having to wait a whole year to hang out with people like this again.


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  • Dont be a weirdo. If you want a girl talk to them.

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      Did you not read my question?

      I have no problem talking to girls.
      Im wondering where I'd be most likely to find girls that like that stuff so I can talk to them.

      Like girls that like reading would be in libraries, not only in libraries but do you know what I mean?

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      You made it sound like your problem was loneliness

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      Yeah I see that now whoops. My bad I was typing and thinking of what to type at the same time.

  • You cannot meet these kind of girls unless you're handsome goodlooking. But it's my thought.

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      This isn't exactly my point. My point is where can I go just to meet these kinds of people, like do you know where they might hang out in there spare time so I can go talk to them.

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      I don know