What do players or fuckboys look like?

Ok what does a duck boy look like is it the prettyboy look are the usually handsome.


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  • Oh boy this kind of question again. The best way to know if someone is a fuckboy or a player is you can usually tell by the way they act. You can't always tell just by clothes because everyone nowadays wears everybody's clothes. they took every sub culture's clothes and mixed it with anothers so you ultimately will wearing some form of fuckboy clothes unless you just dress all in all plain clothes. Another way is how they speak. They usually have that god awful hip hop culture language and behavior, they may also always think clubs are awesome. they last way to tell is by music but that maybe a little harder to identify as they can listen to anything. though they usually listen to whats super popular now to get ladies and keep up appearances, so for that I'd point to country and trap music. Trap music being the biggest indicator of if they are in fact a fuckboy.

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