Would you eliminate the Giant hornets?

They truly are no good for nothing pests and killers. These guys are damn motherfuckers and if it were me, I wouldn't mind exterminating them all together to be honest.

  • Hell yes, stupid pests
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  • No, still wouldn't do it
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  • Only if they attack me or others closed to me
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3mo This is what someone suffered when he got stung by these pests:


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  • They are considered beneficial. The very worst wasp sting is the tarantula hawk wasp found in the American desert southwest. The most painful sting of any land dwelling creature is some kind of ant in South America. Believe it or not there were crazy volunteers that went around getting stung on purpose to rank them. You can read about the tarantula hawk wasp and it's incredible sting on Wikipedia

  • They are insect predictors. They help to moderate other insect populations that would love to eat all your food before it got to market. But eh the 3rd and 8th plague of Egypt worked out well for them...

  • Nuke them from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.