Did you ever lose someone that you both had an interest in each other, but could not express it because of shyness?


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  • I think it was because of ego


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  • My shyness developed as I was pressured to "stop being so fucking creepy." To clarify, I left ONE note in a girl's locker. And she actually liked me, I just recently discovered. I was always shy, but not about telling someone what I felt. In addition to the above stated, I was also told to be myself while also having to co form to an idea someone else has of what their child should be. Had I not listened to these, I would likely be confident, and have friends and maybe even a girl/boy friend. I'm not sure what anyone else's experience has been, but I'm open to hearing. PM me!

    • left a note? I wouldn't ever do that... because of my shyness of course.
      I think you're clearly not shy, you had expressed your feelings towards them. You have plenty of time for you ahead, just keep improving!

    • Haha yeah... You should see me now. Shy as can be.


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  • Shyness to express how you feel or shyness to go further with them?

    • to express

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    • Tell her - take the reins & lead her. If you want to be more subtle, start flirting with her & touch her. Tell jokes, try to make her laugh... If she's still reluctant to show anything, tell her you like being around her. She will follow eventually.

    • @GoldenWing of course i would, if i would be going to see her again. what I'm trying tell you was, i didn't see her in quite awhile and i know, i won't ever. i just want to get rid of her from my mind.

      sorry if you couldn't understand me, my English is not well. And thank you so much for your opinion again. It is truly a relief talking to people like you.

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  • Yeah plenty of times

  • three times. literally lost the last one for nothing and im still regretting it

    • exactly same number of times, I'm still regretting the last one, too.