If you try to work in a career you don't like will it eat at you inside?

Yes I could be a finance person or an accountant.

The problem is that there isn't really a shortage of either of the above for me to get any real 'status' from it. It almost makes me wonder, if I don't like said career how will I connect with the people?

Just wondering what people's opinion on this is. It made me consider that maybe I should be in marketing. Not only do I like it enough to get actual enjoyment from it, I'd be CEO-level one day (truly) because of actual skill in it


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  • Your skill level doesn't determine if you achieve CEO status. Your ability to achieve great things along with juggling the political aspect of your career do, which is by far much more difficult.
    Having said that - it's much easier to work in a profession you enjoy, but not always feasable. Only you can determine what you are willing to sacrifice in terms of career / comfort


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  • This is an interesting question


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  • Then go for marketing. Become an entrepreneur or something eventually and work for yourself as an internet, online, mobile marketer or something. If it makes sense at all for you then plan it out and start doing it one step at a time.

  • Yes you will feel dead.

    • How do all the other people do it? I've never understood.

      There's very little difference in capability between me and them. So what would make them 'happier' than me? Nothing except the only thing I can think of is that they have greater endurance to do work they don't like

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