Can I clean my makeup brushes with antibacterial hand soap?

I regularly wash with baby shampoo but i feel like it doesn't kill any germs at all. And it makes me feel nasty. Can i use antibacterial hand soap instead? Will the hand soap properly clean my brushes? I'll also add some lotion on it when im done washing just so it doesn't dry up. Is this method safe for my brushes? How about regular dish soap? ( i don't have the dawn one or whatever)


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  • Just like you wouldn't wash your hair with soap, you shouldn't be washing your brushes with soap. Soap is filled with chemicals far harsher and will wear your brushes faster.

    • Any other things i can use then? That really kills the bacteria

    • I'm pretty sure shampoo will clean it adequately or you can buy a make up brush cleanser.

  • Honestly, to b on the safe side, just get a new brush. so u don't get a rash or infection or just have a bunch of bacteria on ur face :)

  • Why don't you just use something that's actually meant to clean makeup brushes?

    • Brush cleanser? Nahh i've already wasted so much $$ at sephora i'm not gonna spend even more just for a brush cleaner. Bug, do tpyou think antibacterial soap will ruin my brushes? They are expensive.