Travelling - Where are some amazing places you´ve been to (in Europe)?

I am planning a little tour for next summer with a backpack and I´d like some inspiration... I´ve liked Places To See Before You Die on Facebook, which kind of gave me that idea, but still you might live or had holiday on an amazing place. I like interesting looking villages, trees, waterfalls, alleys, lakes, castles, also fun parks (like Thorpe Park near London) :-)

or even statues or some untraditional architectural buildings, fountains, ...
Just found this - if you know about something like that ;-) or as I described above


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  • Go to the south of France, and see the Gorges du Tarn. You won't believe such a place exists in France.

    Go to Wales and drive up the west coast from Aberystwyth to Snowdonia. Go to Conwy Castle.

    Go to Mallorca and explore the coastlines. See the mountains and the steep streets in the northern cities.

    • wow... just checked google images... it looks stunning!

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  • If its nature: Iceland, Faeroer, Lofoten (Norway), Canary islands, Açores. Cities (besides the big ones): Antwerp (of course), Madrid, Berlin, Lille.


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  • I was going to say Prague, but guess you know about that as a Czech girl eh :D

    • Yeah... I´ve been there many times :D Good suggestion, though...

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    • Well, it was in England where I developed the appreciation of architecture and history... Orford Castle, Hampton Court, Leeds, Rochester, Charles Darwin's Home, your parks and lakes... So I wouldn't forsake it :D

    • Ah, it was in Prague where I developed an appreciation of all things beautiful ;)

  • for me Vienna was a super interesting place in summer. so much culture, art and such sophisticated and kind people everywhere it was freaking amazing for me there.


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  • i want to visit Europe