Why do people laugh when I walk by?

Everytime I walk past a big group of people they are quiet when they see me first then when I walk past they all start laughing? I'm confused what does it mean? Like I dress nice I'm pretty I don't have any abnormities or anything like that yet people tend to laugh at me when I walk by. (Mostly girls that do this , sometimes guys)


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  • Every time? and with a particular group of people... or just ANY group of people?

    if it's a particular group of people (like the same people all the time) then there's probably 1 person in that group that dislikes you and encourages the rest to laugh at you...

    If it's every time with just any group of people... then you are just paranoid and maybe should seek a therapist or psychiatrist before you become all awkwardly weird around everyone... and start doing weird shieeeet 😲!!!


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  • it means they are only secure in themselves in a big group! its common in weak people dont worry bout it

  • To much make up maybe?

    • I don't wear makeup...

    • Maybe that's why

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  • Haha, no me and my friends do that all the time it's just the fact that a stranger walked by lol.
    Once a girl had her extensions perfectly viewable at the mall though, so you never know.