Is being a coder and a developer mean being a geek?

I have been developing stuff with code such as pench for example and my Friend says stop being a geek.


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  • Who cares? Software developers make tons of money


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  • Software engineering is probably one of the nerdiest professions you can pick since it immediately conjures up an image of someone out of shape in front of a computer screen writing code all day long with maybe soda cans sprawled around their desk, all while keeping their social interaction to an absolute minimum.

    It helps if you do that and want to still be popular socially to avoid broadcasting that too loudly (ex: avoid talking about coding at a party), get physically fit, and have some outgoing activities to balance it out. For example, you might participate in some sports in your school, try to become a star athlete.

    It'll also tend to make you better as a developer to be in good physical shape since it's such a mental job where you're balancing data structures and algorithms and design, possibly tackling some difficult mathematical problems and papers here and there, etc. If you're out of shape, you'll have a greater tendency to get mentally exhausted.

    And it likewise helps to develop the social skills since a lot of professional paths require tremendous teamwork to avoid coders always clashing with each other and stepping on each other's toes. It's quite different from being an independent developer, and social skills really do pay off here if you want to start leading projects.

    • I am social and physically active and able to keep code in my head and stay and my head but like what would a 15 year old be doing coding its geekish

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    • You can probably find some developer sites online where you get to hang out and speak to developers in forum and chat-type formats and potentially collaborate with someone. Try to search for them either based on the type of software you're developing or the language and tools you are using to develop it. Both of those types of searches will tend to help you find like-minded people.

    • I do all of this from a phone XD


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  • Nope.

  • A jumped up nerd who thinks they are a gangsta and a rockstar in their sad, delusional minds lol

  • one of my friends was the 1st officially in his collage , it department
    and he is a fucking thug