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my birthday is August 31 and everyone keeps asking what I want to do and all that but I honestly can't think of ONE thing that sounds fun for me. and no, I don't want to throw a party or have a lot of friends over. so do you have any suggestions? please


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  • Well that's the key - what sounds fun for YOU. You don't want a party and that's perfectly acceptable, I'm not a big fan of birthday parties either.
    Do you and friends/family want to see a movie together? Or go to the park and hang out? Do some type of activity you enjoy (whatever that may be because I have no clue)?


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  • Whenever my birthday comes, I don't throw parties and all. Not because we cannot aford it but because I just don't know what to do when my friends are with me. I mean I like having them around but when we go to my place or one of my friends place I just don't know what to do.

    I guess you guys could just eat somewhere just like the usual days, then after that you guys could roam around the mall.


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  • - Go to see a movie.
    - Go to dinner.
    - Hit up an amusement park.
    - Swim in the pool, an ocean, a lake, etc...
    - Just chill with a few friends and/or family members at home with a meal or snacks.
    - Get out into nature and explore.

  • You and a few of your closest friends have a potluck dinner. Each make and bring a dish (sort out who's gonna do desserts) and just hang out, listen to music, watch a movie.