I'm nervous, this guy is really rude to me in school what to do?

I just went back to school a few days ago and when I got to my gym class I realized none of my friends are in it, I decided to give it a try and this really rude senior walks in, the teacher embarrassed me in front of the class, they laughed at me. He also calls me ugly a lot and ew and I'm having anxiety about it since I have gym everyday not for the first semester


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  • Just try to ignore him, but if he persists maybe talk to your gym teacher?

  • Ugh that's just dumb.. He's immature as hell. Why else would he pick on a young girl? He's a senior and he's picking on you, who's probably like half his size. This dude is literally childish. People like him really piss me off an they should piss you off to but you should also consider yourself better than him and try to blow that shit off cause he's probably trying to get a reaction out of you. Flip him off when the teachers aren't looking then give him a sweet little "fuck you" smile.