I'm afraid that if I jump into my boyfriends arms he's gonna drop me. Is it a natural instinct to catch you and not drop you, or will he be off guard?

Im afraid that if I run into his arms for a hug where he's holding me he's gonna be caught off guard and drop me or we'll both fall over. is it it just a natural instinct to catch you and is it easy to catch your girl or will he fall. Also do you find it cute or annoying. My friend overtime she hung her boyfriend wraps her legs around him she doesn't even need a running start. Overtime the embrace I don't know how she just wraps her legs around him.


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  • If you're getting a running start, he should assume that you're going to jump. Or maybe just flat out ask him some time, "Hey, if I just threw my full body weight on you do you think you could hold me?"


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  • there is only one way to find out..


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