Are you getting FIFA 17 ;) ?

Are you getting FIFA 17 ;) ?
Let's hear it again

  • Hell yeah! going out RN to pump my legs and play football
  • Never heard of it...
  • WTF no, games are silly, go read a book or write and essay nerd
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  • Isn't it the same game every year?

    • Yeah!! :p

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    • No. The changes are magnificent. I play in 4-5/5 difficulty level but every time I buy new game, I have to start over from 2/5 level. Every team gets refreshed so, you have to take time to manage it all again for remastering. The AI changes. The "easy ways" to win changes (for example: FIFA 11 had overpowered through ball, FIFA 12 had overpowered crosses and header, FIFA 13 had overpowered speed and long shots & FIFA 14 had overpowered strength etc.)
      The bugs get updated too. And it feels like the graphics don't change but it's not true at all.

    • @YourFutureEx Exactly! couldn't have said it better myself. It changes every year just gets better and better

  • never heard of it


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