Is anyone else put off by artists claiming to be Christians?

It's obviously no ones place to judge where someone is cat apiary ally or what they believe. I don't know these people personally so I can't say that they're not Christians but I get so confused. Artists like Demi lovato, and Selena Gomez keep claiming to be devout Christians and have bible verses tattooed on them and so on and then they just blatantly sing about sex. And it's not like their singing about how beautiful things can be on ce you're married or find the right person or God purpose for their romantic life. They're straight up grinding up against their dancers in concert and writing lyrics like "take me there Cus I want your sex" and they have no shame. They're not like "well I wrote that before I became a Christian" or something. When they get asked about it interviews they just likely ughh it off and they're like "haha well I'm not a kid anymore ;)"
but it makes me mad Cus like it has nothing to do with growing up it has to do with why you believe. And if you're a Christian and claim to believe in the bible you should know that it says not to have sex outside of marriage, not to wear clothing that will "tempt men" and not to take the lords name in vain by saying things like "oh my god" but from what I can see, they do every one of these things. I just don't understand how they can claim to be Christians and then just live like everybody else. And then LAUGH it off. As if they're not disobeying God... is anyone else like really put off by this?

like it's one thing if you don't believe it so it doesn't matter to you. But if you claim to be a Christian do you not realize these things are wrong according to the bible that you claim to read?

Im not saying im better than anyone else I dont think that at all. I make just as many mistakes. But it seems like they are living their lives as secular people and then saying they're Christians rather than being a Christian and making mistakes. There is a difference. being a Christian should effect the way you in general should act. its not my place to judge anyone thats between them & God. Im saying that it seems as though theyre just living their lives as secular people who just believe in god


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  • I think that they are just so brain washed by Hollywood and things of the world there that they forget how they are actually suppose to act. It does bug me a lot that they started out good Christians but they just ended up like that. I also believe that they just are Sunday christains that most likely don't read their bible beyond verse of the day. It is sad that so many people are altered by hollywood.

    • Thy probably believe in God and have "faith" which is a word I've grown to dislike because it really means to trust in God and his purposes but now it's like people just use it as a word for hoping for stuff. And so they believe in God and have good hopes and feel comforted that there's someone there but they don't really have a relationship that he wants because he tells us how we are to live and then they go and do the opposite and tell people it's ok and then other people think that's how all Christians act :/

    • True very true sadly they are role models when they should not be. Often people see them and get the idea that all Christians are Hippocrates. When in reality it is only a few of them.

    • Thank you for mho : o)


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  • Stars will do whatever it takes to garner attention - even if it means being complete hypocrites.
    In reality, you can't really be a celebrity and be fully Christian. You have to be highly modest about it. Keanu Reeves comes close as a really good example about a modest celebrity. Don't know if he's a believer or not.

  • considering Christianity is the ultimate "ME ME ME" religion, and totally a selfish religion-allowing one to get away with ANY behavior so long as they have faith in jesus... the notion of a "true Christian" is beyond laughable.

    Also, this is a "no true Scotsman" fallacy and is still just as fallacious when applied to Christianity.

    • @Phoenix98 the fraud-who just talked about haters blocking his whiny ass... who just blocked me for disagreeing lol

      again you can't compare what women and men do... to what your god does. obviously you didn't understand: your BENCHMARK of morality has murdered more people than any real person by a huge margin and the guy you think is morally bad ("the devil") is guilty of zero murders. that alone says it all-game over, your religion is INTENTIONALLY morally backward.

      stupidest religion in history. Further, more PEOPLE have also been murdered in the name of "jesus" than any other concept. So that's 2 that seal it-most. immoral. religion. EVER.

  • Does God love Selena Gomez less than you because she has tattoos and you don't?

    Christianity isn't a country club. It is inclusive to ALL who believe in Jesus Christ so that they may have eternal life.

    • I'm not saying they're not loved I'm just saying how can people like that believe they are Christians and read the bible and the bible like specifically says that those who commit sexual imporial ith will not inherit the kingdom of God. So basically, she's calling herself a follower of Jesus and then committing sexual immorality and saying it's ok like it just doesn't make sense to me

    • With all due respect, the current thinking that you possess is considered self-righteousness.

      'Let he who is without sin to cast the first stone.'

      Jesus was often criticized for being with the sinners and tax collectors.

      On hearing this, Jesus said to them, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners."

      As a Christian yourself, the second greatest commandment is to love one another as you love youself. It is not your job to judge others. The measure that you judge others will be the same that the Father will judge you for your sin.

      It is your job as a Christian to love one another and to bring them towards Jesus, not exclude them, so that they might be saved.

    • I already said that I'm not going to judge their relationship with God. I'm just saying I'm put off by their declaration of Christianity and then they sing about how it's ok to do certain things that the bible disagrees with. I don't think I'm perfect I don't think I'm better than any one of them. But if I make a mistake and it says so in the bible I wouldn't be laughing about it and singing about it and walking around in provocative clothing acting like I want sex. There's a difference. They indulge in their sin.

  • The bible says thousands of things and everyone who claims to follow the bible just ignores the parts they don't like. They go ahead and eat seafood and pork and wear clothing of mixed fibers and go without any head covering, and it's been a few years since Christians stoned anyone to death. And lots of Christians understand that Noah's Ark. is just an olf flood myth. So I think you can be a perfectly fine Christian without worrying about old testament sexual morality. I think Jesus main message was to behave ethically with compassion for the less fortunate.

    • It's not just about the Old Testament rules in every part of the bible it continually talks about how you shouldn't have sex outside of marriage. It's part of the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments weren't just rules for "at the time" and then later they're like no wait sex outside of marriage is ok now and so is lying and stealing and stuff so scratch that guys!! Like if it was irrelevant it wouldn't be in the bible but it is relevant

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    • Do you even know the ten commandments? "Thou shalt not commit adultery" There's no commandment against premarital sex (fornication).

      And it's very silly to equate the private acts with actions like stealing that injure another person. I'm sure you do not follow every jot and tittle of the bible. Do you eat pork? Shellfish? Do you keep your head covered as a woman should? Do not judge others for not following the bible when you don't either.

    • What did Jesus say about premarital sex? Not actually much at all.

  • There is a lot of contradictory stuff in the bible. A lot of stuff that doesn't make sense, especially in the Old Testament.

    • Well actually it's not that contradictory because once Jesus gave his life on the cross and the new testament was created most of the stuff in the old testament became unnecessary, invalid or unneeded.

      We still read and take note of the old testament though because the bible would be incomplete without it and it has a lot of important lessons in it. But we do not follow the rituals, practices the more bloody past of the old testament or the stricter old testament rules anymore.

  • Yeah it's pretty sad and ridiculous and kind of gives us actual Christians bad names.

    • @CandyGurly

      Yes obviously you should be proud that out of a million or so users you got 3 upvotes to your post, and they're the 3 same people who downvoted me, my dedicated haters and I love em to death.

      I love all you haters and people who have issues with me, GaG just wouldn't be the same without you.

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    • @feminismisnarcissism You do know that I am talking about haters on GaG right lol people who I know have blocked me because they disagree with my views and who have actually stated they hate my guts lol.

      So actually I can claim it's haters.

      And I have read the bible and I am very much aware of the deaths in it and 3,000,000 you say?

      As opposed to dangerous ideals and nations that have killed at the very least 100,000 million people.

      Also this (your post) is coming from a guy who claims that Christianity is a selfish religion and that it's all about us, us, us. But yet I highly doubt you can answer why Christianity is one of the if not the only religion that sends hundreds and thousands of people all across the globe, sometimes even to places were Christians are shot on sight, in order to help the less fortunate. To give them electricity, running and or clean water, books, an education, medicine and medical care.

    • @feminismisnarcissism

      And who actually goes out of the way to help the less fortunate and just people in general. Do us all a favor and take your obviously biased opinion somewhere else. You clearly have no clue what your talking about if honestly believe in what your saying.

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  • Yes it's disappointing, but I can understand. I think a lot of Christians have been there before, me including, but it takes true devotion in order to understand what it means to be a Christian. He asks us to take up our cross, deny ourselves, our fleshy ways, and live to glorify Him. Artists who claim to be Christians but do the opposite have a distorted view of what it is to be a true follower. They, along with many believers nowadays, think that it's enough just to love God because he has forgiven them of their sins, but this is dangerously misguided. Jesus said "many will be called, but few will be chosen," in Luke 14:15-24. If you read this chapter it clearly states that many are invited to the "wedding" but if you are not dressed the correct way, then you will be cast out of the party. Loving and accepting God is just the first step. The next is continuous repentance and asking God to rid us of ourselves and our desires only to be filled with what He asks us to do. Artists are too caught up with themselves to give up their lofty life for a true Christian experience. Matthew 19:24- the camel through the needle parable shows us that as well. Despite these things, it is very doable to walk away from such things. See former VS model Kylie Bisutti, who is a prime example of how it is done.

    • True this was exactly what I was getting at. My hope is that those who claim to be followers would read the bible carefully and be careful about what they are telling the world because when they call themselves Christians and then sing about how great sex is and alcohol
      And such it tells all the non Christians that that's ok. When in reality, God doesn't want us to do those things

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    • This right here. Is all there needs to be said. No bashing, just saying they aren't there yet

    • @somebodysaycheese that's true

  • Well first of all, there's no commandment against fornication (pre-marital sex) so there goes that.

    I half-feel like they're doing it for attention, but at the same time a lot of people do believe in a God and still say things like "oh my god" but are very devout otherwise. They just don't go and talk about it all the time, like these celebrities do

  • I honestly don't give a FUCK about if a celebrity "claims" to a religion, it's none of my business.
    If they want to be Christians and be sexy and sexual that's their business. They could be good god fearing people but someone wants to focus on one thing.

    Let them be adults and mind their own business.

  • Well. 76 percent of the country calls themselves christian. 30 percent pratice. 3 percent beleive in the bible. So technically, there is actually on 3 percent of christians in the country. Either way though, some people are further along in their journey than others. No, you can't be a christian and do what they do. But to become a christian you have do exactly what @OjosOscuros2 said. Just think they have the seed but they are on their journey so encourage them

  • @phoenix98 and Anon are bigots.

    • Define bigot so I know you actually know what the term means then give an example or two of me being a bigot according to that definition.

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    • I'm not ordering you, simply asking you to back up your claim by proving you know what bigot means and providing examples aka evidence to support your claim.

      Otherwise all you have is empty biased words/claims.

    • @Phoenix98 Numbers don't lie. The upvotes speak for themselves.

  • Modern Christianity is generally heavily watered down.

  • 90% of Christians do this, im not religious but having a belief in something doesn't mean you have to follow every rule in the books. Your life would be uneventful if you did. Both demo and Selena are beautiful women and of course they are majorly sexual because that is what gets them money.

  • So , what does being a christian mean to you? Following strict rules all your life until you die? Why can't you just believe in God and love him while also being who you want to be and doing what you want to do. i'm sure God would prefer for us to be free and happy then to live our whole lives worrying about breaking a rule and then having to "confess" our oh -so terrible sins.

    • christian means disciple of christ. Jews beleive in god not christ. two diff things.

    • That's absolutely not what God wants us to do. He tells us that we should not be acting like the rest of the world. That we shouldn't be involved in sexual activities and using profanity. If you're going to live like everybody else why would you even want to call yourself a Christian? Because being a Christian means being different

  • Yeah :/ it's sad but I guess maybe when they are all alone the idea of God and being Christian gives them comfort they just don't want to sacrifice everything else to follow him