How do I decide on a new hobby?

I'm trying to get over my roommate/best friend. I need to find a hobby haha I really want to be able to sing but I feel like I need to know an instrument, how hard is it to learn piano/keyboard? Also any other hobby suggestions?


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  • I randomly fell into dubstep dancing videos and now I can break it out a parties and people think I've had tons of formal training. (and i don't even love dubstep) It's unisex and a great workout too.


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  • Something physical and outgoing might do you a lot of good whether it's boxing or kickboxing or bicycling or skateboarding or hiking or break-dancing or whatever you like as long as you love it.

    If you're into singing and song-writing guitar might be a more suitable choice too and naturally being able to play some chords on a guitar and sing can get you noticed.

    • Guitar in my opinion is slightly easier if your goal is to combine it with singing simultaneously. You only need to get the hang of strumming some basic chords to get started and let the singing do most of the work. It's also more portable than a keyboard or piano.

      It doesn't have the digital advantage of providing direct MIDI input to a sequencer, but for someone focused on singing at the same time I think it's better to just record analogue and go unplugged instead of quantizing everything perfectly.

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  • Try writing. It's cheap and it can help you escape.


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