Do spirits exist?

My niece is upset because one of her favorite actors just died. She thinks if she cried about him hard enough his spirit will come and comfort her. She's actually tried that before it didn't work. She watches a show where people loose loved ones they come back and comfort them. We live in Ohio the number one haunted state in America but she's never seen or heard anything through out her whole life. This isn't a cartoon these are real stories about real people and ghosts. She wants the spirit of her guardian angel to come to her she has one but she won't tell who it is. But she wants him to come so she can meet him. Being a Christian she believes in God and spirits but she's starting not to because she's never seen any. She's wondering how people on tv see there spirits and she can't. She wants to know if spirits do exist? How can she get one to come to her? She's 13


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  • Uhh no , that isn't going to happen


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  • Spirits are forms of life that Mankind don't fully understand.

  • She needs to give up believing in ghosts the same way she stopped believing in the Easter bunny.


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