Why do people steal my quotes?

this has ALWAYS happened all my life, even on this site. one time someone asked ''what is a guys night out like'' I replied ''boats and hoes'' the next day I see someone stealing my comment on this page but on a question that had nothing to do with that! anyways it doesn't just stop there, my best friend steals all my jokes and sometimes I just want to smack that stupid beanie off his stupid peanut head and expose his bald head so everyone can laugh at him. Lets seem him try and copy that. anyways, what do you think of all of this?

  • they are showing appreation to how great you are
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  • they are trying to take credit for whatever you say
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  • lay off the drugs, your a mess
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so now I am updating my question and I am coming to a very sad realization. It turns out, boats and hoes is not my idea in fact, its been a thing for along time already. Now I have lost purpose in my life


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  • Chances are you're subconsciously plagiarizing the quotes yourself.

    • what do you mean by this? explain yourself to the people. your well being depends on how you respond to this. no pressure

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    • I have another theory, the people who made boats and hoes are time Travelers who stole my idea and went back into time to make money off of what I have said

  • They say coping is the highest form of flattery.

  • Why do people steal my quotes? It's to show appreation to how great you are

  • God dang it Bobby.

  • lay off the drugs, your a mess