Am I doing the wrong thing here?

Okay long story short, fell in love with a co worker long time ago. I hinted several times about my feelings to him. He ignored all of it. One day I was brave enough to go very far away from home to talk to him and at least talk about it. He didn't show up. Now all of a sudden I'm getting the feeling he wants to talk. A whole damn fucking year later. Should i get angry and bitter about it? Should I take my anger out on him? I can't my heart is not letting me. I'm just trying to be distant and hope it will eventually solve itself. Worst part? He's married and has children. I'm not the type that ruins relationships. I want him to be happy, I don't understand why he's not getting it.


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  • perhaps he isn't getting it because you are here talking to a load of strangers instead of just chatting with him. perhaps you aren't getting it either

  • you re wrong


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