Why do guys act differently around their friends?

I have this guy friend, and we're really close. He tells me everything, or, almost everything. It's really nice to be around him, he's always really cool and is always relaxed. But, we went to this "club" thing and a ton of other guys were there, I knew a few of them, and so did he, but then there were these other guys that niether of us knew, and he started acting different. He went off and started talking to them, my friend and I went with. One of the guys asked why his hair was spiked, my friend said "he always has it like that" afterwards, he pulled her over to the side and said, "just don't tell them anything, ok? Just, don't talk about me." I don't understand why he wants them to think of him as someone that he's not. He even told them that he doesn't have a girlfriend (he does) and he would be able to get any chick he wanted. I love him to death, he's basically my brother, but I don't want to ask him because he'll give me some stupid answer that has nothing to do with it. I just need to know why he's doing this.


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  • Maybe he's ashamed of who he is?


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  • Because guys like to appear all cool and macho in front of their friends.