Was I in the wrong place at the wrong time?

when i was 19, i got a job at a library near me, sort of (5 miles). the library was a building in front of a high school. i generally worked the early afternoon during the days. i don't really look my age because im short for a guy and i just look like a babyface, so, when i was 19, i probably looked 16. around 3:00 ish, school of course, let out, and during the first part of the school year, on fridays (which i generally worked), some of the school's cheerleaders would walk in to the library, for whatever reason, usually just to be picked up from school. i couldn't keep my eyes off them, obviously, since im a guy. i never did anything about it, but, i felt wrong looking at them, knowing they were jail bait for me.

was i just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

p. s. i no longer work there, and im now 27


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  • How can you be in the wrong place at the wrong time if you worked there so would of happened more than once...


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  • They could have been 16 or 17. That's old enough for a 19 year old to bone. Right place, right time, wrong attitude.