Is being a good parent an active job?

Can you ever just sit back and relax?


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  • Doing life right:
    • You get yr kids started on things like routine household chores literally the moment they're old enough.
    • You get them to think of those tasks as "fun games" while they're still young, super impressionable kids who think EVERYTHING is fun if mom and dad say so.

    If you're doing life right, then, after a couple years, yr kids will basically be an automated household-chores team... and then you can totally kick back and relax like a champ.

    If you DON'T get them started on this sort of attitude early enough, though... well, then you're just sorta fucked, now, aren't you.

    • Isn't there more to life than doing chores in the house they grew up in?

      What about preparing them for life outside of the house?

    • Lol, I thought you were asking about LITERALLY "sitting back and relaxing".

      Obviously, *that* is a lifelong endeavor -- and there's constant tension between "How much should we try to *teach* our kids?" and "How much should we let them make their own mistakes and learn the hard way?" No easy answers there. We tend to be tough-love-approach types.

      But... there's no reason why life lessons can't be imparted in an environment that's loving, warm, and generally super chill. I don't really see how that would even affect "kicking back and relaxing", except in occasional times of crisis.

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  • Yeah when they're gone


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  • It is pretty active typically. However, there is nothing wrong with having some time to yourself. Otherwise, you may end up stressed out and sick, which isn't good for you or your child (ren).


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  • I would say the hardest full time job there is