What are some general good places to hang out if you're single and want to meet new people?

I just got out of a long term relationship and I've been very depressed lately and dont get out much. Just wanna know some places to meet and hang out.


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  • Irish bars, book readings, farmers' markets, festivals... and gyms, since it's generally ok for WOMEN to strike up convos there.
    So unfair...

    Avoid pick up bars!


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  • No bars or clubs. But a decent place like a family restaurant or environment are good places to start. There are some meet up sites online that is strictly platonic, where you can meet up for anything you interested in within groups. Like learning a new language or other interest. Overall right now, hanging out may not be the best thing for you at this moment. But getting your head clear, focus on what you need to do, learn from your mistakes and set a goal for yourself without distractions. Just make sure you've moved on from that guy, delete and block his number, social media accounts, etc. Everything he gave you and the videos/pics you took together must cease and go.


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  • Everyone meets new people online now.


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