"Friend's" think I'm dumb?

To start off I would like to say I'm not "dumb." When I was a child I was very smart, always had good grades. Was doing puzzles early, and counting. Walked early, and was "excelled" a bit. On the science test for high school, I scored a 99 putting me in honors earth science. I. q. should be around 115-130 at least. In high school I became lazy and not hardworking. It was a good class but I never took interest in it making me not do the homework, not because I couldn't, but because I never even attempted. I failed out of it but passed everything and was ahead with credits. My junior year was bad, got kind of depressed because of a girl, and I just skipped all the days, getting a quarter credit. I went to summer school and received good grades, getting A's and b' s. School starts in two days and I received enough credits to be a senior and I only need 6 1/4 to graduate, which is good. I was playing Xbox with two of my "friends" and they started acting like I was dumb. I'm like my mother and not very social. I have a hard time being around other people. My mom mainly I'm very close to, and my grandmother, even kind of my dad's girlfriend. To any guys, even my dad it's hard for me to be close to and express myself. I shut down and forget what to say and become quiet. I'm polite, and try to act nice and just respect others. I don't talk very much buy I'm not rude, and I usually just go submissive, which I hate, I sometimes follow my friends orders and stuff. I just hate saying no, it's a bad word to me I guess. On Xbox with them I say "oh word" a lot because I get nervous and don't know how to respond. They started picking on me for it and saying "duh," and I know they're thinking I'm dumb. They asked if I'm excited about school and I told them yes because it's out last year, then one of them said "you don't come anyways." Like really? I'm not upset, I'm not insecure, lol. Also I shut down and act stupid, I'll ask a question I already know to make conversation.


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  • You ARE dumb. You don't even know the difference between "friends" and "friend's." Come on now, even kindergartners know that.

    • Okay, sorry my auto-correct changed it! You're so right! I'm Dumm!

  • You're not dumb. You just have to stick up for yourself. Don't let your friends control you. Also try doing better in school this time. You know you can do it, after all you got those amazing grades before you can do that again. Don't be nervous to talk to people, they actually feel uncomfortable if you're too quiet, they feel uneasy. Just make a small conversation, ask them questions... etc. Nobody is judging you. Good luck!

    • Right, I'm ready for the school year to start because I actually enjoy learning and I'm ready to graduate. I just get uncomfortable around people, which I hate. I feel awkward and don't really say too much. Whenever I try, it seems to be a one-sided conversation of me asking them questions. Another reason why I skipped last year was that, except now I couldnt care less what others think or say. Was just asking this question, wondering how the kid with the lower I. Q. thinks that I'm dumb.

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