Its soo damn true. A movie from 1981 Predicts our current world? do you agree with this?

i totally agree with this.


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  • Its a 3min video. While there's some insight, its not enough for me to take seriously.

    And how do i know its not just another program in a robotic society?

    • 2mo

      he's explaining about the robotic society and we will be one of them in the future and we have to get out of this. thats how you know that its not just another program in a robotic society

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    • 2mo

      you're not understanding what im saying. A robot only knows what it is programmed. If we live in a robotic society, this video could just be another program. If what the video says is true, it doesn't mean anything because you're already plugged in.

    • 2mo

      exactly. and this message is to get you unplugged, the guys in those videos already unplugged themselves and they are trying to warn us.