Do you like Turkey? Why?

People, food, country?


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  • I like talking with people from other cultures. I've been to Turkey, but only as a tourist, years ago.


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  • I only know 4 Turks in real life, 2 girls and 2 guys.
    of the guy I had a crush on because he was very handsome, tall, muscles, tanned, green eyes, nice hair.. he asked me to go eat with him and his friend but I said no </3 xD
    The other guy was more of a friend of my friends, he seemed nice, very studious and religious.
    the 2 girls are really nice
    I met an old turkish woman in Mecca and she was lovely.
    Food, umm yeah I like Turkish food!
    I would love to visit the country too, definitely on my wishlist


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