I am wanting to work from home and I saw a thing where I could be a re seller on eBay can anyone help with advice on doing that?

I have had terrible work experiences with employers it makes me feel like I'm never good enough even though I am very skilled. I feel like everyone else is allowed mistakes except me. I have even experienced abusive bosses. What's the best way to go about supporting myself but not having to work for someone and make decent or better. I am honestly ready to give up trying to work. I'm tired of the bosses and application processes.


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  • Any "work from home" ad promising good money is a scam, hands down. A lot of times, you have to buy a "starter kit" from the offering company, and sometimes even "subscribe" to them. It's nothing but a way to sucker money out of people with the promise of an easy paycheck.

    As for your other question, I hate to say it, but unless you can start your own business (which requires a lots of capital and extra hours worked), you don't really have a choice but to work for someone. Unless you're lucky or you know people, there's no such thing as a perfect job. There are just some things everyone has to deal with in the workplace. If you really feel like you're being unfairly treated, go to human resources, that's what they're there for.


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  • Starting your own business, but you'll need a lot more than a desire to not go to work for someone to get it even started.

  • You end up getting burned most of the time specially if it's through paypal as most people ends up reclaiming their money back even if they received the products